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Frequently Asked Questions

207VoIP Is A Local Maine Technology Company. We Are Here To Provide You With More Information, Answer Any Questions You Might Have, And To Create Effective Solutions For Your Business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leverage a team of experts that can help you deploy your new VoIP solution on-site or in the cloud. We can help you update your communication platform and implement enterprise-grade security and any other requirements you have. 

Voice over Internet Protocol,” VoIP”, is the transmission of voice traffic over a data network, or the Internet.

It is when a software-based phone solution, is hosted on a virtual server at a datacenter, and is available where you have an internet connection.

It’s a voice menu system that answers calls and offers options to the caller.  After the caller listening to the options, they press a number matching to their choice.

It is a Direct In-Dial number.  You can have a collection of DIDs a single DID depending upon your business requirements.

They are a way to have multiple calls in a waiting line. They are used most often by call centers and small business to handle spikes of inbound calls. It allows you to keep your callers on hold longer then if the just rings. We can setup music or have a promotions running about your business.

You can have any many as you like. Providing your hosting package support them.

You can have any many as you like. Providing your hosting package support them.

The short answer is yes, the long answer comes down to the phone system you select for your business. If the phone system you chose we have another faxing solutions that you can use for a cost effect price.

Yes you can bring your own SIP Trunks. We are a VoIP hosting and service company. So you will always bring your SIP Truck. We make it easy to get started with one of our partners.

Yes, if they are supported by the VoIP Solutions that we have. 

No, there are no Vendor lock-in contracts with 207 VoIP.

Yes, we can help your setup a free trial for 14 days, so you can evaluate the service.

This is not true. VoIP call quality comes down to several things. Your area, your interconnection speed, if you have Quality of Service configure correctly. Our team knows how to get you the best possible call quality for your location. Often providing an edge router for you.

Yes, if they are supported by the VoIP Solutions that we have. 

This can take a week, a month, and in some cases longer. It depend on your loosing carrier (some of them can be difficult to deal with, after all they just lost a customer) and depends if it’s a simple or complex port. We can forward and provide a caller ID on inbound and outboard calls.

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