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Enterprise Grade Call Center Solution

We Offer Consulting Services For The Deployment And Customization Of Many 3CX And Many Open Source VoiP Solutions.

207 VoIP Offers Expert 3CX Consulting & Development Services; 3cx For Call Centers: An Effective Call Center Solution.

Traditional Phone Systems, even several other VOIP Services, cannot compare to the advantages of 3CX. The price difference alone is enough to choose 3CX over traditional services, but the real benefits are the modern, practical features. With automated tracking of wait times, talk times, and abandoned calls, you can see in real-time how your team is performing.

The 3CX Call Center Module delivers an incredible amount of features on top of the standard 3CX system. Supervisory features include alerts to notify senior staff when callers are on hold beyond specified periods, as well as Listen In, Whisper, and Barge-In. Managers can Listen In and then choose to Barge In if the call requires intervention. Add Call Agents Queues, monitor your call center through an advanced Wall Board.

Convenient Call Monitoring Capabilities

Traditional Call Centers require a lot of “heavy lifting” to maintain clear records and track customer relationships, resulting in lost clients, dropped or ignored calls, and bottom line lost revenue. Avoid costly damage to your customer relationships with valuable CRM and ERP integrations. 3CX features intuitive time management features, allowing you to designate Wrap Up Time for your call center agents to properly document customer interactions before engaging the next call.

Get more out of your customer engagement and increase efficiency with the 3CX Call Center Module. Maintain a high call turnover rate and maximize your agent efficiency. Reduce your costs as well, saving at least 60% over traditional installations. Enjoy the benefits of a modern enterprise solution designed for the needs of today’s’ busy call centers.

How 3CX Can Help Your Call Center.

Wall Board

Get a top-level view of your call center, with important statistics available at a glance. Maintain call flow, and keep your Center running smooth.

Call Queues

Forward calls based on wait time, Round Robin, Hunt By Threes, Prioritized, and More!! Manage different queue strategies based on your needs.

Call Monitoring

Listen in to your current calls, with options to connect only to the agent, to join the call, or to take it over completely.


3CX features integrations with popular CRM software. Features include click to call, instant customer information, and more!


Inbuilt Failover Technology allows you to manage disruptions without impacting client – agent interactions

Many More Features

Call Back Configurations, Recording Opt-Out, Priority Queuing, Advanced Notification Options

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