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3CX an Enterprise Grade Virtual Fax Solution

Get in touch to discover what a 3CX Fax system can do for you and your company. 3CX will ensure you retain better records of your faxes.  We offer consulting services for the deployment and customization of many 3CX and many open source VoiP Solutions.

207 VoIP Offers Expert 3CX Consulting & Development Services; 3CX an Enterprise Grade Virtual Fax Solution

Many companies depend on faxing to communicate with other companies. 3CX Virtual Fax allows your company to manage these communications with or without the ink and paper. By utilizing the standard protocols for faxing, 3CX will enable you to route your fax information to several different endpoints depending on your needs. Receive traditional faxes in your email, in 3CX, or over a traditional Fax Machine.

Collect faxes how you want them. 3CX works with traditional Fax Protocols, as well as advanced digital protocols. Chances are you can even keep your old fax hardware. Manage your office fax line centrally, or distribute them to relevant departments. Give your customers and colleagues a top of the line solution for fax.

Faxing With 3CX

Receive Incoming Fax

Get your incoming faxes the same as always, or receive them digitally

Simplified and Practical

Send and receive faxes right from your desktop or laptop computer. As faxes come in, they route to the right Email.

Send Outgoing Fax

Send faxes directly from your computer, without paper, or use your traditional fax machine

Not “Faxing as a service”

Moving from traditional fax services, some companies are charging “per fax” or “per page” for services at first glance seem similar.

Fax over IP

Traditional Fax Machines use an analog phone signal, 3CX service provides instant digital service using VoIP

Actual Faxing over Internet

3CX uses specialized encoding technology to turn your digital information into an analog fax message, and back again, when required.

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