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3CX an Easy to Install and Administer VoIP System

We offer consulting services for the deployment and customization of many 3CX and many open source VoiP Solutions.

Pegas Offers Expert 3CX Consulting & Development Services; By Deploying 3CX for your business you will be able to easily automate admin task for your VoIP PX system.  

When your business decides to use 3cx, it typically only takes a few minutes for us to deploy dedicated hosted VoIP instance for your business.  Once your PBX is deployed on-site or in the cloud, you will be able to connect different gateways, IP phones, and SIP trunks. You will forget all the hassle that you have to go through when dealing with old fashioned PBX. 3CX has a simple and easy to use web-based management console, which can effectively automate most of the administrative activities.

Get your hands on easy to use plug & play IP phones

Popular IP phones, SIP trunks, and gateways offered by 3CX are connected with per-configurable templates. All you have to do is to go ahead and plug in your IP phones and connect your sip trunk, and 3CX will handle all of the configurations to you. Allowing you to focus on your business and not a configuring a phone system.

  • Pre-configured templates for the IP phones, SIP trunks, and gateways.
  • Provides an end to end solution.
  • The inbuilt templates can provide great help when configuring.

Convenient softphone and IP phone management

By using the centralized management console, you will be able to update and manage your softphones and IP phones in just a few clicks. Deploy new phones when your business grows without having to worry if you’re going to outgrow your new phone system.

  • Easy upgrades and remote management capabilities for IP phones.
  • Newly deployed firmware is properly tested to overcome interop issues.
  • Ability to configure advanced phone options via the management console.

Your Are In Control. Run Your VoIP System In The Cloud Or On-premise

3CX is a software-based VoIP/ PBX system that allows you to deploy your phone system to meet your business needs. Tackle challenged head-on, like meeting any industry compliance issues by deploying your PBX on-premise. On the other hand, you can use your PBX on VMware or Hyper-V. Don’t hesitate on implementing a VoIP phone system today; your employees will be able to streamline internal communications, and you won’t miss another call for your customers.

  • You can virtualize and save money on new pieces of hardware.
  • You can easily take backups and avoid redundancy.
  • You can even install on a mini PC.
  • Easy to deploy to a Linux VPS provider.

Get Started with a VoIP PBX Solution Today!

Would you like a phone system that keeps you connected, to your team and customers?

Discover how a voice over IP solution simplifies your communication platform. By using a VoIP system your business will be able to communicate more effectively your customers and integrates into many of the same tools your business is already using.

  • IP PBX Support
  • VoIP Support
  • VoIP Integrations
  • Hosted PBX onsite or in the cloud
  • VoIP Migrations
  • VoIP Training

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